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Brief Specifications of Epdm Rubber Granules

Please find all technical specifications for Epdm Rubber Granules. We are producing the finest quality of Epdm Rubber Granules by keeping every Specifications in mind from our past experiences.

We Produce Standard quality polymer content Epdm Rubber Granules.

Epdm Rubber Granules range size available in 1-3mm, 1-4mm, 1-2mm.

Property Unit Value Test Standards
Polymer Identification by (FT-IR) - - Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber ( EPDM)
Polymer Content (By TGA) % by w 27.4 ASTM E- 1131
Ash Content % by wt 68.1 ASTM E-1131
Density gm/cc 1.68 ASTM D - 297
Low Boiling Materials (By TGA) % by wt 4.5 ASTM E- 1131
Tensile Strength (Before Ageing) Kg/cm2 33 ASTM D-412 Type C
Elongation at break (Before Ageing) % 450 ASTM D-412 Type C
Hardness (Before Ageing) Shore A 72 ASTM D-2240
ENB % by wt 5.0 ASTM 06047 (mod)
EP Ratio % by wt 69.0 ASTM D3900A
Mooney Viscosity % by wt 72 ASTM 01646 (mod)