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Sunflex Rubber Bond

Wet-Pour rubber surfacing is extremely popular for playground’s area throughout the world.

This revolutionary 2-layer system combines the superior safety ratings of loose-fill system, with the accessibility, durability and design options of a unitary system

This is the best method to protect kids from injuries while playing by laying rubber surfacing.

No playground is complete without rubber safety surfacing to cushion falls and stumbles.

It is made up of a two-tier system consisting of sbr base and EPDM rubber granules on top surface.

Top Surface is covered with 6mm EPDM rubber granules.

Bottom Surface is covered with sbr (crumb-rubber granules or rubber mulch) with different thickness as per customer choice.

We have completed tremendous number of projects in playgrounds with rubber bond safety surfacing.

Key Factors

  • High Polymer Content
  • Material Ready Stock
  • Quality Pigment
  • Antiageing


What is HIC Scores?

  • HIC stands for Head Injury Criteria. The higher the HIC score number, the less safe a surface is. By law, a play or sports surface must be under 1000 HIC.
  • We believe these leaves too much injury possibility to chance, so every one of our products rates among the lowest HIC scores in the industry.
  • Younger kids need higher safety standards.
  • What is ASTM F-1292-04?

    • Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment.
    • Below are our regular thickness for epdm rubber surfacing and material calculation.
    • Sun-Flex Rubber Bond Thickness by Wet Pour Surfacing Epdm rubber granules quantity per square feet Top Layer 6mm Crumb rubber granules quantity per square feet Bottom Layer as per selection thickness Polyurethane mixing Percentage for both top and bottom layer

      16 mm

      0.650 gram

      1.00 kg


      26 mm

      0.650 gram

      1.20 kg


      36 mm

      0.650 gram

      1.50 kg


      Note - This calculation is based upon individual understanding. It may change depending upon playground scenario and design.

How to calculate epdm rubber safety surfacing work to cover any playground area?

  • This is the most common question raised by customers to calculate the coverage work for epdm rubber safety surfacing by sunflex rubber bond method.
  • Let us illustrate by a small example below.
  • Consider playground coverage with 1000 square feet.
  • You decided to choose thickness 36mm for rubber safety surfacing.
  • Top 6mm covered with epdm rubber granules
  • Bottom remaining covered with crumb rubber granules.
  • Total square feet = 1000.
  • 1) Epdm rubber granules 0.650 x 1000 = 650 kg.
  • 2) Crumb rubber granules 1.5 x 1000 = 1500 kg.
  • 3) Polyurethane Binder percentage is 18% for both surfaces.
  • 650 kg + 1500 Kg = 2150 kg x 18% / 100 = 387 kg. (PU Binder)

Rubber Mulch base layer as per Thickness Selection.

Maximum shock – absorption performs over uneven terrain.