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Running Tracks

All weather running tracks is a rubberized running surface for track and athletics field. It provides consistent surface for competitors to test their athletic ability unencumbered by adverse weather conditions. Running tracks are constructed indoor or outdoor which is consider as the oldest form of athletic equipment.

Sunflex Recycling Pvt Ltd manufacture high polymer content epdm rubber granules specially for athletic running tracks. Company can supply finest quality of epdm rubber granules which are used during running tracks. Pour polyurethane running tracks helps in superior load tolerance and shock absorbing properties. During manufacturing each batch is tested in laboratory to fulfil quality supply. This helps rubberized tracks to prevent less surface damage penetration, cracks over longer periods.

We use finest quality of International standard pigments that helps rubber granules to fade less over longer period of time. It consists high synthetic polymer stable molecular chain which has good elasticity and colour performance, shock absorption and aging resistance performance. Epdm Rubber Granules are recognized by International standard of the best all weather outdoor running tracks, sports playground running surfaces. We recommend to use International standard polyurethane to mix epdm rubber granules with right percentage to fulfil below benefits.

Key Factors

  • High Polymer Content
  • Material Ready Stock
  • Quality Pigment
  • Antiageing

Benefits for using high quality epdm rubber granules

  • Polymer content is 23%
  • Raw material use during production are high quality
  • Pigments are UV stable
  • Avoids surface penetration cracks
  • Less Maintenance over long periods
  • Environmentally conscious running tracks