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Ballistic Rubber Tiles

  • Ballistic Rubber Tiles are used to stop bullets which helps to prevent ricochets and lead splash-backs thereby reducing lead dust propagated from repeated range firing.
  • The ballistic rubber tiles are high density, strength and elasticity to provide safe live fire environment.
  • Ballistic Rubber tiles are designed for use in shooting ranges and gun clubs. These extra thick and extremely durable rubber tiles assist in ricochet reduction and help to reduce noise levels at firing ranges.
  • Ballistic Rubber tiles can be loose laid in a wall to wall installation or adhered in place using a little double side carpet tape or polyurethane adhesive.
  • Sunflex Ballistic Rubber Tiles are generally used for shooting range areas and walls. Bullets are trapped inside the tiles.
  • Rubber ballistic tiles help to provide sound abatement and ricochet protection in commercial, military and law enforcement shooting ranges.
  • This are most commonly used in tactical shoot house for military exercise.
  • We are exporting to some major armed forces globally.

It creates safe environment by controlling bullets on contact.

Stop ricochet behind the panel.

  • Our ballistic rubber panels are manufacture with high density, strength, elongation and elasticity. This are generally use in shooting ranges, military tactical shoot houses, fire ranges.
  • We produce high grade density panels specially to make ballistic rubber tiles.
  • Our ballistic rubber tiles can sustain higher velocity of rounds and helps in preserving the structural integrity.
  • We use specialize material to produce ballistic rubber tiles with fire retardant with UV protected. This helps in better durability inside any shooting ranges.
  • The ballistic rubber tiles supplied by us will be long much durable and economically with price match guarantee.
  • Investing millions of dollars to make tactical shoot house is responsible task. We respect the investment by any armed forces globally. We will supply our finest quality of ballistic rubber tiles as per our wealth of knowledge.

Supply of ballistic rubber tiles

Building the safest environment for shooting range tactics
Available for military, special forces and law enforcement agency.
Design for military special forces.
Customize solutions as per project.
Building the right range as per your needs.
Design our proprietary ballistic rubber products.
Creating highest performance for ballistic rubber products.
For more information please visit our website for special division of ballistic rubber products.

Ballistic rubber tiles available size and thickness.

Thickness Size Weight of one panel Colours available
42 mm 500 mm x 500mm 11 kg Basic Black
50 mm 500 mm x 500mm 12 kg Basic Black
100 mm 500 mm x 500mm 24 kg Basic Black

Ballistic rubber blocks available size.

Size Weight of each block Colours available
Length 500mm x Width 300mm x Height 300mm 37 kg Basic Black
Length 500mm x Width 500mm x Height 200mm 44 kg Basic Black
Length 500mm x Width 500mm x Height 500mm 90 kg Basic Black

Note – Customize size and colours also available upon request.

Sun-Flex ballistic rubber products are developed and design as per proprietary rights of company.

Sun-Flex ballistic rubber products are registered design as intellectual property under Indian laws.

Ammunition Tested Number of Shots Fired Number of Blocks Stack Result Testing Laboratory
5.56 x 45 mm NATO 5 1 No perforation TBRL, DRDO
7.62 x 51mm NATO 5 2 No perforation TBRL, DRDO
7.62 x 39 mm NATO 5 1 No perforation TBRL, DRDO

Sun-Flex ballistic rubber blocks has been tested by TBRL, DRDO INDIA and holds no penetration. NIJ 0108.01, Level 3 has been passed successfully.

We can email you all test report upon your request.

We also manufacture customize portable bullet trap and container shooting range in our ballistic exclusive unit.

Ballistic rubber tiles performance

  • The ballistic Rubber Tiles are designed to minimize the danger of ricochet and splatter of standard pistol and rifles.
  • The rifle rounds up-to .308/7.62mm can be used.
  • Each tile can take approximately 2000 rounds of firing before getting panel replaced.
  • It also depends upon the bullet type, shots concentration, wear distribution and substrate used for backing.
  • Ballistic Rubber Tile alone cannot stop the rounds, It must be used with Ar500 steel plate backing.

Rubber Blocks for Encapsulator Shooting Range Wall

  • Ballistic Rubber Blocks can also be deployed as bullet Encapsulator for ready range in few minutes.
  • We recommend AR500 steel backing before deploying blocks.
  • This are great options to construct small ranges for mobile container, commercial or residential.
  • Anyone can construct small range by using this rubber blocks.
  • Rubber Blocks can also be used as security barriers, security check point, military guard points.

Ballistic rubber blocks performance

  • The ballistic Rubber blocks are highly durable for live shooting ranges, tactical shoot house and portable bullet traps.
  • Due to its binding process it has good elasticity and stability.
  • Interlocking pattern helps to deploy blocks faster and quicker.
  • The locking system can turn into an impermeable solid defense wall.
  • The ballistic defense block when interlocks provides protective wall and potential shelter during harsh military conditions.
  • Thousands of firing rounds can be trapped inside the rubber blocks.


  • To supply finest quality of ballistic rubber products.
  • We can guide you to setup commercial shooting range as per design and engineering.
  • This will help shooters for advance tactical training.


  • By using Ballistic Rubber Products, Military and law enforcement can build safest tactical shoot house by close combat shooting tactics and modular range.
  • Modular shoot house needs anti ricochet durable panels.


  • Safe environment
  • Durable
  • Fire Resistance
  • Customizable
  • Modular Tactics
  • Security