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Crumb Rubber Granules

  • Tens of millions tire disposal every year globally. Disposal of waste tire is challenging task because tires have long life and non-biodegradable.
  • The traditional method of waste tire management dumping tires into soil or landfilling are short term vision and investment.
  • To reduce scrap tires worldwide we need to recycle tires to make the solution for waste management.
  • The scrap tires can be recycled by two methods Ambient mechanical grinding and cryogenic method.
  • We use the ambient mechanical grinding method.
  • In ambient mechanical grinding process, the breaking up of a scrap tire happens at or above normal room temperature. Ambient grinding is a multi-step technology and uses whole or pre-treated car or truck tires in the form of shred or chips, or sidewalls or treads. The rubbers, metals and textiles are sequentially separated out. Tires are passed through a shredder, which breaks the tires into chips.
  • The chips are fed into a granulator that breaks them into small pieces while removing steel and fiber in the process. Any remaining steel is removed magnetically and fiber through a combination of shaking screens and wind sifters. Finer rubber particles can be obtained through further grinding in secondary granulators and high-speed rotary mills.
  • Ambient grinding is the production process used by the majority of crumb producers. The machines most commonly used for fine grinding in ambient plants are:
    • Secondary granulators
    • High speed rotary mills
    • Extruders or screw presses
    • Cracker mills

Applications for Crumb Rubber Granules

Sport Surfaces

  • Kindergarten Playgrounds and Recreation Areas
  • School Sports Areas
  • Athletic Tracks
  • Tennis and Basketball Courts

Automotive Industry

  • Bumpers
  • Splash Guards and Fenders
  • Floor Mats for Cars and Trucks
  • Floor Liners for Trucks and Vans


  • Hospital, Industrial, and Bathroom Flooring
  • Floor Tile
  • Foundation Waterproofing
  • Dam, Silo, and Roof Liners

Geotechnical/Asphalt Applications

  • Rubberized Asphalt for Roads and Driveways
  • Drainage Pipes
  • Soil Conditioner
  • Porous Irrigation Pipes
  • Road Building and Repair

Adhesives and Sealants

  • Adhesives and Sealing Compounds
  • Textured and Non-Slip Paints
  • Roof Coating and Waterproofing

Shock Absorption and Safety Products

  • Shock Absorbing Pads for Rails and Machinery
  • Sound Barriers for Highways
  • Abrasion Lining in Mining Equipment

Rubber and Plastic Products

  • Pipe Insulation and Lining
  • Garbage Cans
  • Shoe Soles and Heels
  • Wire and Cable Insulation

Activated Rubber Crumb

  • Sun-Flex rubber are in verge of manufacturing activated crumb rubber for future rubber technology.
  • We have conducted many trials with our own chemical and mixing technology.
  • The result were successful in terms of tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness shore *A.
  • This is a new development in rubber recycling.
  • This helps in reduction of total rubber compounding cost.
  • Activated crumb rubber is new cutting edge technology with a patented process.
  • Activated crumb rubber is a chemical modifier for the surface of rubber powder, in an automated process at ambient temperature.
  • This innovative and patented process breaks down the sulfur links that connect the rubber chains in vulcanized rubber.
  • This enables waste rubber to be re-used, while retaining most of the properties and characteristics of the original rubber.
  • The newly developed patent will replace the old method of devulcanized reclaim rubber production.
  • We are planning to open an exclusive manufacturing unit specially for activated rubber crumb process.

Crumb rubber powder 30 mesh

  • We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality assortment of 30 Mesh Crumb Rubber. The offered range of 30 Mesh Crumb Rubber is widely used in the manufacturing of tyre, flaps, sports grounds, rubber mats and rubber bushes. With the help of our manufacturing unit, we are able to process our wide range up to 100 tons per month. Our 30 Mesh Crumb Rubber is well-checked by our quality controllers at our advanced testing unit to ensure its quality and utility.

Crumb rubber powder 40 mesh

  • Mesh refers to material that has been sized by passing through a screen with a given number of holes per inch (25.4 mm) distant. For example, 40 mesh crumb rubber Powder has passed through a screen with 40 holes per inch resulting in rubber granulate that is slightly less than 1/40th of an inch. The exact size will depend on the size of wire used in the screen.
Infill crumb
Multipurpose sports court

Points to be remember

  • We have setup with finest tire recycling machinery to produce crumb rubber granules and micronized rubber powder.
  • We have capacity to produce more than 100tonnes micronized rubber powder.
  • Our crumb rubber plant has design to produce best available rubber powder at minimum cost.
  • Particle size is analysis continuously during our production.
  • We conduct regularly testing of particle size, ash content, sieving graphs, metal and other impurity check

Products Available

  • 20mm shredded chips (TDF Chips)
  • 20 Mesh (<840 µm)
  • 30 Mesh (<630 µm)
  • 40 Mesh (<420 µm)
  • Crumb Rubber Granules 0.8mm to 2mm
  • Crumb Rubber Granules 2mm to 4mm
  • Standard packing with 25kg pp bags or 1 tonne jumbo bags. Customization of packing can be modified.