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Epdm Rubber Granules

  • Sunflex Recycling Pvt ltd manufacture wide range of EPDM rubber granules.
  • As a leading producer in the field of rubber floorings, Sunflex has started the epdm rubber granules with 19 pigments colours available.
  • EPDM "Virgin” rubber granules are the highest quality material made of original rubber compound produced in controlled conditions in order to reach predefined properties.
  • Specially selected components like rubber, oil, pigments and chemical add-ons are carefully blended in the mixer machine.
  • The created compound is then vulcanized in the autoclave to make it hard, but flexible. The last stage of production is to granulate the compound into small, uniform grains with specified size (fraction).
  • HIGH QUALITY – The company has committed to the top most quality by keeping children’s safety in mind by providing them the new VIRGIN + HYGENIC material.
  • RUBBER COMPOUNDING – The compounding of material has been checked with certain stages in the laboratory with good quality satisfactory granules.

What makes difference for purchasing our epdm rubber granules?

We produce epdm rubber granules from raw epdm rubber sheet.

The polymer content of the epdm rubber granules is 25%.

Materials, accelerators, pigments, oils used during production are purchase from multinational companies globally.

We can send you the compounding sheet to test yourself to justify our polymer content in worlds any best laboratory.

The Cutting technology of epdm rubber granules is static. Buyer will not face any impurities like granules range uneven or powder content.

Sunflex epdm rubber granules are peroxide cure.

Why choose us?

We use the premium quality material during compounding to produce the finest quality of epdm rubber granules. You will get the right epdm polymer content while promising to customer. We take care for weather resistance, tensile strength and elongation to avoid tears on the surface, this help in better system of work.

We will supply you the right quality of binder from world best chemical corporation companies. You will get 19 standard pigments. Any new pigments needed will be produce by our company.

Customize granules size can be produce as per customer requirements.

We can complete any large orders in timely supply of delivery. All pigments are always available in Ready stocks.

Epdm rubber Granules Available Colors

  • Chocolate

    Code: 80
  • Dark Blue

    Code: 30
  • Golden Yellow

    Code: 21
  • Grey

    Code: 10
  • Ivory

    Code: 71
  • Light Blue

    Code: 31
  • Lime Green

    Code: 41
  • Orange

    Code: 60
  • Pink

    Code: 02
  • Purple

    Code: 50
  • Red

    Code: 01
  • Slate Grey

    Code: 11
  • Spring Green

    Code: 41
  • Teal

    Code: 40
  • Terracotta Red

    Code: 00
  • White

    Code: 70
  • Yellow

    Code: 20
  • Terracotta Red epdm rubber granules for athletic and running tracks.
  • We produce the finest quality pigment epdm rubber granules specially for athletics and running tracks.
  • Always available in Ready Stocks with large scale production.
  • This are UV Protective pigments granules and will last for many years.
  • Polymer Content is 27%. We understand investment by customer to make running tracks. We look after every quality compounds to produce granules.
Property Unit Value Test Standards
Polymer Identification by (FT-IR) -- -- Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber ( EPDM)
Polymer Content (By TGA) % by wt 27.4 ASTM E- 1131
Ash Content % by wt 68.1 ASTM E- 1131
Density gm/cc 1.68 ASTM D - 297
Low Boiling Materials (By TGA) % by wt 4.5 ASTM E- 1131
Tensile Strength (Before Ageing) Kg/cm2 33 ASTM D-412 Type C
Elongation at break (Before Ageing)   % 450 ASTM D-412 Type C
Hardness (Before Ageing)   Shore A 72 ASTM D-2240
ENB % by wt 5.0 ASTM D6047 (mod)
EP Ratio % by wt 69.0 ASTM D3900A
Mooney Viscosity % by wt 72 ASTM D1646 (mod)

Note: Physical copy of test reports are available upon request. We can send you test reports tested by approved laboratory.


  • Playgrounds
  • Jogging Track
  • Athletics Track
  • Multipurpose Court Games
  • Walkways
  • Multipurpose Court Games
  • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Kids Play Area
  • Football Fields
  • Running Tracks
Weather Proof
Virgin Material
Hygenic & Durable

Great Features

  • Protective surfacing for kids play area.
  • Endless patterns and beautiful designs for kids play area and multipurpose court games.
  • Hygienic and extremely durable for outdoors
  • Common Practice thickness available during installation.
  • In every thickness top 6mm poured with epdm rubber granules and remaining bottom base with crumb rubber granules
  • Available sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 26mm, 36mm, 46mm



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