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As manufacture we understand every genuine buyer or customer need piece of rubber flooring before they order to company.

It cannot just be compare just by seeing in the website rather to check the rubber samples in your hands with great quality.

We welcome all customer from India to order free samples including freight charges throughout entire India. This service is only available for Indian market only.

All we request from our customers is a mailing address and the specific materials that they wish samples of with different thickness and categories.

We can send you the cut pieces of samples not the full tiles. If you want full tiles for samples that would be charge for freight.

In order to process your free order samples, please submit your information with form below so that we can dispatch the box of samples within 24 hours.

Depending on your physical location expect a 5-7day delivery time.

We request you fill the form below so that we can get your information can be mailed directly to our company’s head office.

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