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Rubber Tile Speckles

  • Sun-Flex Rubber speckled rubber flooring is our popular and premium collection of rubber series.
  • This are available in standard rubber tiles and interlocking rubber tiles as per both specifications, size and thickness.
  • Sun-Flex speckles series are the most favoured style of rubber flooring because they are easy to install, hide dirt well and have a virtually seamless appearance.
  • With epdm rubber colour granules, Sun-Flex rubber flooring offers a wide range of variety for colour options for weight rooms and fitness centres.
  • Rubber tile speckle flooring has the same features while at same time providing the traction, noise reduction, durability over the years and high impact absorption.
  • This product offers great solution with outstanding durability in cost-effective system.
  • Sun-Flex speckled is designed for easy, fast installation with a virtually seamless appearance.
  • We are providing customers the opportunity to utilize high colour design while retaining the recycled and environmental benefits for project.
  • Our products are tested by ASTM standards and EN standards with latest revise chapters.


Sun-Flex speckle rubber tiles are manufactured in multiple colours with random colour percentage. Each production batch contains epdm rubber granules of our 19 different colours.

We produce our own epdm rubber granules with 23% polymer content. Tiles are dual recycled and more durable in terms of tensile strength. These are more durable then our standard colour options available.

Available Epdm rubber granules with code selection below.

  • Chocolate

    Code: 80
  • Dark Blue

    Code: 30
  • Golden Yellow

    Code: 21
  • Grey

    Code: 10
  • Ivory

    Code: 71
  • Light Blue

    Code: 31
  • Lime Green

    Code: 41
  • Orange

    Code: 60
  • Pink

    Code: 02
  • Purple

    Code: 50
  • Red

    Code: 01
  • Slate Grey

    Code: 11
  • Spring Green

    Code: 41
  • Teal

    Code: 40
  • Terracotta Red

    Code: 00
  • Yellow

    Code: 20

Note : EPDM rubber granules colours may varies from actual products when view on the catalogue. We request to have samples and acknowledgement with true environment effect before placing order. Colours may change during printing process.

Great Features

  • High impact absorption.
  • Noise reducing.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Durable over the years.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Outrageous impact absorption for gyms weight areas.
  • Heel resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-skid resistance.
  • Economical for purchase.
  • Bevelled edges around perimeter.



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