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Rubber Tiles

  • Sunflex standard Rubber tiles has been popular through many years with variety of inherent advantages.
  • We have been engaged in manufacturing rubber safety surfacing from 1989!
  • Sunflex Brand has created its quality trust globally and domestically through many years.
  • Standard Rubber tiles comes in variety of thickness as per customer applications and selection of choice.
  • Sunflex Rubber tiles are environmental friendly.
  • They are SBR rubber tiles made from polymerically bonded with crumb rubber granules with hot mold technology.
  • This are available with variety of eight different standard colours worldwide.
  • We follow the Global standards in recycling process to make better for earth and humans.
  • Standard Rubber tiles are most suitable for commercial gymnasiums and crossfit gym.
  • Commercial gyms are rapidly growing in world it has withstand repeated dropping of heavy weight such as dumbbells.
  • It will absorb the shock of dropped weight without damaging the floor underneath.
  • You must lay this standard rubber tiles with quality adhesive for best result.

Why Choose Us?

We are producing rubber tiles with highest quality of materials which are used during production which includes polyurethanes,
epdm rubber granules, crumb rubber granules, pigments and machinery.
Company has 3 manufacturing unit located outskirts of Ahmedabad City.
Rigorous quality control measures that are at par with International standards in the manufacturing process.
Our products are tested by ASTM standards and EN standards with latest revise chapters.
Sustainability reports from 1989! Exporting world wide in 15 different countries.
Timely delivery for customers and distributors globally. We are interested in producing quality numbers which respect customer investment.

500mm 500mm
1 tile Cover
2.69 Sq.ft

Available Thickness

10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm,42mm, 50mm, and 100mm.

We can make customize thickness & size also

Available Colours

  • Blue

  • Chocolate

  • Green

  • Golden Yellow

  • Silver

  • Terra Cotta Red

  • Grey


  • Gym Rubber Flooring
  • Kids Play Area
  • Walkways and jogging track
  • Pools areas
  • Shooting Ranges for anti-ricochet tiles
  • Garage Safety Floorings
  • Safety Surfacing for Playground equipment
  • Gym Rubber Tiles
  • Base for Artificial Turf areas
  • Garden Pathways
  • Residential Backyards and Gym
  • Aerobic Areas
  • Industrial vibrational areas
  • Sport Play Surfaces and centres
Anti Skid

Great Features

  • Available in 8 different standard colours.
  • Available in variety of thickness.
  • Bevelled edges at side to protect rubber tiles.
  • Heavy Duty commercial grade rubber tiles.
  • Purchase at good economically prices. Price match guarantee.



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